Monday Motivation quotes

Monday Motivation quotes about actions
Monday Motivation quotes about actions: Wishing for something is the first step but most people get stuck at that stage. You need to form a plan of action, act upon it, control it, and achieve the ultimate goal! In short, wishing alone is not enough. It is about working on it.
Monday Motivation quotes about hope
Monday Motivation quotes about hope: You are bound to face difficulties in pursuit of your goals. But be assured that their presence in the entire process makes the final result more relevant.
Monday Motivation quotes about patience and persistence
Monday Motivation quotes about patience and persistence: Big talks about anything, doesn’t matter. You have to be ready to give everything to achieve what you want to achieve. And the most important thing that you need to give to any goal, is the time it deserves. If you are not committed to dedicating your time to the journey, don’t even waste 5 minutes to discuss it.
Monday Motivation quotes about side effect of perfection
Monday Motivation quotes about the side effects of perfection: A number of people never take the first step, in order to learn to be perfect. There are also a number of people who don’t call it ‘Done’ and keep working on things to make them ‘perfect’. But perfections have no limit. It is never-ending. There are also people who criticize things for not being perfect. Let them be. Because you won’t get things done if you keep waiting for the perfections.
Monday Motivation quotes by Amelia earhart
Monday Motivation quotes by Amelia Earhart : Yeah! Just do it! Everything will fall in place!


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