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HometechnologyHow to trim your Facebook Friends’ List - Use these simple tricks

How to trim your Facebook Friends’ List – Use these simple tricks

We all are aware that Facebook limits our friends’ list to 5000 friends only! Yes we have used the word ‘only’ because at times we tend to think that even 5000 friends are not enough to get desired likes and comments on our Facebook status. But you must know today that getting more likes and comments on your Facebook posts doesn’t depend upon how big or fat your Facebook friends’ list is. Surprised? Let us tell you about that in detail.

You must have heard a technical term called ‘algorithm’ and any social media network you are using right now depends more on the algorithm than anything else. So even if you have fewer friends in your Facebook list you may get more likes and comments than the attention your friend is getting having more friends than yours. In simple words, the Facebook algorithm works on your recent activities only and decides what to show you and what not to show you.

If you comment, like, or even search a few Facebook profiles more than the rest the algorithm would think that you have more interest in that particular profile than others. So it will show you only those profiles more than others with whom you have interacted more and more on your Facebook timeline again and again. So if this has happened to you then it is obvious that the same would have happened with someone on your friend list as well.

So, the point here is that if you have crossed or touched the limit of 5000 friends on Facebook and you are not getting the desired likes and comments on your posts then don’t ever think that certain people are useless as they are not coming to your posts regularly and hence you must unfriend them. Because the algorithm works the same way with them also, so don’t rush and unfriend those people whom you believe are useless just because they are not coming to your status. The chances are that the Facebook algorithm would be thinking that you are less important for them than you and they both are not searching and coming to their profile.

To get more likes and comments on your Facebook posts you must have more active friends than inactive ones and for that, you need to trim your Facebook friends list without bothering about touching the 5000 friends limit.

So how to trim the Facebook Friends list without losing ‘active friends’ in the list? Here are some simple tricks which you can implement easily.

Make your presence felt to your Facebook friends

Whenever you get enough time scroll down your Facebook timeline as much as you can. Now keep a close track of which friend of yours is posting what on his or her profile when you are scrolling. Go down, really deep down on your Facebook timeline and do not forget to like or even comment if you really like someone’s status, this will give a signal to your Facebook algorithm that these guys are also important to you as well. It may have a reverse effect on that friend also (although not technically proven) and he or she may also start getting your posts in his or her timeline after your like or comment on their posts. Hence by liking or commenting on your friends’ Facebook profiles you may also get an increase in likes and comments on your posts as well. You will see the difference if you use this tip for a day or two without fail.

By this, you sometimes even get to know a few gems of a people’s presence in your Facebook friends’ list that you have missed till now and from now on you will not only get to see their posts regularly on your Facebook timeline, but you will also get their attention on your posts as well. Had you not done this, you would have lost such people thinking they are useless and unfriend them without their fault.

Wish your Facebook friends on their birthdays every day

This is probably the best way to know which friend of yours is active or inactive for many days or months. Just go to the birthdays feature visible on your timeline or search for the same and then click on it. No matter how many friends have their birthday today just open their profile one by one and check how long they have been inactive on Facebook. We would suggest that you do this activity on your PC or a laptop because over here you can just put your mouse and know a highlight of that friend’s recent activity.

These activities may include what he or she has added friends or the places he has visited most recently. Once you put your mouse on their names and get this information you can just wish them a Happy Birthday. Plus, if that person has posted a Facebook story then you could see a blue circle over his profile pic and that means that that person is active very recently. But sometimes because of your friend’s profile settings, you may not be able to see their recent activities just by pushing the mouse on their profile names. So what are the other options?

  1. Left-click on the person’s profile name and open the profile in another window or tab.
  2. Click on the profile picture and check the date of posting. If it has not been changed for the last six months then you would probably get the first hint that this profile is not active, but this is just the hint and not the final picture.
  3. Now dig the profile down, check at least 10 to 15 most recent post,s or if you have time you can go even further down, and if you see that that person has posted something just recently or has liked someone else’s post with the most recent date on his profile just then you would get the idea that this person is active on Facebook and there is no need to unfriend him or her.

We have mentioned six months time limit to decide whether that person is active on Facebook or not because we think that six months’ time is enough for someone to check his or her Facebook profile at least once and post something as well. But you can decide your own time limit to unfriend someone on your Facebook account. This activity of yours will also help the Facebook algorithm to know your preferences better.

It will be a tedious procedure to begin with but after a month or so you will get used to it and don’t have to search for their activeness as your Facebook friends list will only have active friends.

Remove Fake Profiles

Fake profiles are nothing but attention seekers and if that is the case then why give them unnecessary attention? It is understood that if someone doesn’t like to get exposed by posting their real picture in their profile picture and by not having real DP doesn’t mean that that person is running a fake profile. But there can be some flimsy names of that profile that you can catch and be sure that it is a fake profile. You may even dig the profile and check whether that person is genuine or just there to run an agenda. Once you have doubt just remove or unfriend that profile at once.

Remove Business Profiles

Facebook gives you an option to have a Facebook Page to advertise your business, and yet people make profiles to further their business. For us this is unnecessary for those who are on Facebook to share views and have some fun because these people will never come to your profile to like or comment on your status, they are there just for their business. So from now on don’t accept any request that has a business name and if you have any in your friends’ list just remove them.

Remove Troll Profiles

There are many on Facebook who is there to troll others only. Whether their posts or their comments they always troll certain people and personalities. We believe that it is not good for your social media health to have such people in your Facebook friends list. If someone has a single-line agenda and doesn’t have a variety to enjoy then better they are not part of our friends’ list.

Remove Adult Profiles

There are few profiles you will find are there to spread X-rated pictures and videos. You may get shocked to see that profile in your profile when you first notice it. But, it is not your fault because these people will ask you to add them with normal pictures and information and later when their friends’ lists become fat they change their colors and put such pictures and videos, remove such profiles without giving it a second thought.

Remove Copy Cats

There are so many users on Facebook who copy others’ creative works and post them on their names. Yes, on social media it is normal and may not be a criminal offense as well but then why these people should be on our list that has no morals? If you find that a certain person has copied someone’s creative work and has not given them a due credit then it is better to say him or her bye-bye.

Remove Aliens

Yes, this must-have happened for many of us that we find people on our Facebook timeline or in our Facebook friends’ list who are from a different world. By mentioning a different world we mean that those people do not share our race, nationality, language or any interest then why they should be on our friends list? For example, if you post only in English because you know only English then how can someone from Argentina or South Africa who posts in Spanish or Afrikaans only is on your friend’s list? This might have happened with you when you were new to Facebook and you were in a hurry to add people to make your friend’s list bigger. Better to remove these aliens who are nothing in our social media life and it is better to create space for someone with whom we can interact.

Remove Profiles of Deceased Person

Once you come to know by any means that your Facebook friend is no more in the real world then it is better to remove his or her profile after a few days of his or her death. These people are not going to interact with you anymore so why there can’t be new and alive people in our Facebook profile to find a place in our friend list?

We believe that by using the tips given above you can dramatically reduce your Facebook friends list within few days. Not only that, but by using these tips you will also feel the change in numbers of likes and comments you are getting on your Facebook posts, and also you will find interesting people on your Facebook timeline as well.

We are sure that you have liked this feature. We request you to give your opinion on your experience after using the tips given above in the comments section.

Also, let us know on which subjects you would like to read the features on eChhapu.



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