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Top 5 Most Famous and Fearsome Villains of Bollywood

The Indian film industry or Bollywood’s history is now going beyond 100 years, and certain movies and characters are imprinted in our minds and souls forever. Most of the Bollywood movies have told us the stories of the good’s victory over the bad. To show someone good there must be someone who is bad and thus Bollywood has created some of the most fearsome villains of Bollywood over the years.

Although, hundreds of Hindi movies are getting released every year and thousands of characters we watch, remember and forget there are certain characters we remember forever. The reasons behind this can be the strong write-up for the character or because of the actor’s acting skills, who has played that particular character. The villains in Bollywood play the most important part in the last century when certain actors were fixed to play villainous roles, unlike today when even actors who have normally played protagonists can easily be fitted into the role of the antagonists.

Thus, till the last century, Bollywood has given us many fearsome villains whom we remember even now and we are going to furnish you top 5 of the most famous and fearsome villains of Bollywood to date.

Gajendra Patil played by Pran in Ram Aur Shyam (1967)

Pran was well-known for playing villainous roles in Bollywood movies for years. He played some of the best villains of Bollywood to date. His image in the general public of India was so negative that for at least three decades no child born in India was named Pran, and that is the fact. Apart from many other famous and the most remembered negative roles, Pran played the most fearsome villain in Ram Aur Shyam when he portrayed the character of Gajendra babu or Gajendra Patil.

Making people feared through his eyes was one of the strong points of Pran’s acting and he left no chance while playing Gajendra in Ram Aur Shyam. His red eyes, the way he imposed himself on poor Ram and the rest of the family members made the audience shiver in their seats. The audience applauded when Dilip Kumar who played the dual role of Ram and Shyam, starts hitting Gajendra with a hunter in a particular scene, showed the impact of Gajendra created on the audience’s mind and for that credit must go to Pran for sure.

Gabbar Singh played by Amjad Khan in Sholay (1975)

If someone says that no one has feared the public, especially the kid, the more than Gabbar Singh, then it is certainly not an understatement. Gabbar Singh is one of the immortal characters of Indian cinema and he has still been having the same popularity as he had in the 1970s. The acting skills and dialogue delivery by Amjad Khan made this character so popular that it is beyond comparison even after four decades.

Gabbar Singh was probably the first most violent villain of Bollywood and he set the trend for more to come. Imagine the superstar cast like Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan Sanjeev Kumar, Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan all looked pale before the newcomer Amjad Khan in the movie Sholay, and that could be possible only because of the acting of Amjad Khan and the strong character of Gabbar. “Arey O Sambha!” and “Kitne Aadmi They” the dialogues spoken by Amjad Khan are still in use within the public of India in general.

Shakaal played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda in Shaan (1980)

There have been plenty of foreign smugglers in Bollywood movies in the 1970s who used to have posh cars, planes, and of course villas, but at the start of the new decade, Shakaal perhaps became the first posh indigenous villain who even owned a personal island just across the city of Mumbai. Shaan was made by almost the same team that created the magnum opus Sholay. One could conclude that Shaan was the urban Sholay as most of the storyline and characters remained the same just that the background changed from village to the city.

Anyways as mentioned-above Shakaal the character played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda, who was relatively unknown to the Bollywood audience till that movie got released, but then became immortal because of his mannerisms, his way of talking, his electronic den, and of course his alligator, who always remained hungry no matter how much it was feed. Despite being soft-spoken Shakaal too had his moments of terror and that is still imprinted in people’s minds even today. Shaan wasn’t that big hit at the time of release but Shakaal became super hit for sure!

Dr. Dang played by Anupam Kher in Karma (1986)

Again a villain in a Bollywood movie that has come from a foreign country and that was Dr. Dang. One of the most sophisticated villains of Bollywood till now. Dr. Dang would not shout much and yet he would put forward his case softly but at the same time, he would create the war on India just because he got slapped by the jailor of the jail in which he was imprisoned. Dr Dang was also probably the first terrorist shown in an Indian movie who had an established network in India and also sleeper cell-like Kittamkittu.

Anupam Kher would not give you the impression that he could play such a cruel villain, but he proved everybody wrong and even he took on Dilip Kumar, the thespian who played Rana Vishwa Pratap Singh or Dada Thakur. The storyline would suggest that Karma was a remake of Sholay and Dr Dang was a sophisticated version of Gabbar Singh. Whatever the case may be, Dr Dang has still got some popularity in Indian cine lovers even today.

Mogambo played by Amrish Puri in Mr. India (1987)

If one would like to call the most iconic villains of Indian cinema then Mogambo comes second to Gabbar Singh. Thanks to the great Amrish Puri who imprinted Mogambo in our minds just the way he spoke that famous dialogue “Mogambo Khush Hua” in different ways. Again a foreign terrorist who wished to conquer India and take control of the entire country can be seen in other Bollywood movies, Mr. India too was no different. Mogambo spoke Hindi but his looks were of a foreigner.

Apart from that famous dialogue mentioned above, a certain mannerism shown by Amrish Puri made what Mogambo is today in the public memory. Before Mogambo and after Mogambo, Amrish Puri played quite a few negative characters but no one could beat Mogambo. Whenever he used to go to a Bollywood award function or any other function the demand from the people or the audience from him was to say “Mogambo Khush Hua.”

We are sure that you have liked this feature and will appreciate our efforts in making this feature possible. Kindly let us know your views about this feature and also your suggestions for the future in the comment box.



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