They Bombed Us Says Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan


Islamabad, Pakistan: In a fresh interview, the Pakistan Prime Minister has again made allegations on India on various issues. He said that India bombed Pakistan at Balakot and also blamed India for controlling world cricket. The Pakistan Prime Minister repeated his past request that the world must start engaging with the Taliban to solve the Afghanistan trouble.

Imran Khan gave an interview to a London-based online news portal Middle East Eye (MEE) where he talked on various issues for an hour or so with David Hearst and Peter Oborne. Imran Khan admitted that India bombed Pakistan with the deadly Pulwama terror attack. Imran Khan claimed that he asked for evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the Pulwama attack but instead of doing so India bombed them.

He also called India ‘a new Israel’ as India now has a strong security apparatus and thus it can crush anything and they have total immunity because they have the US confidence in them as a veto power in the UNSC.

The world must engage with the Taliban as they are the best bet to take on ISIS as per Imran Khan. He also requested the United States of America to initiate a dialogue with the Taliban regime and added that if the US doesn’t do that his country will be the most affected by the consequences. Upon asking about the Taliban’s stand against basic human and women rights, Imran Khan said that the Taliban should not be pushed and rather they should be engaged in talks because if you push them it will be counterproductive for the rest of the world.

Probably for the first time ever Imran Khan has admitted in public that he hasn’t talked with the US President Joe Biden to date. Upon asking why Khan said that it is up to him (Biden) as the US is a superpower. Although Imran Khan added that the security chiefs of both the countries have already spoken.

Being an ex-cricketer himself Imran Khan also gave his views on world cricket as well, and again he blamed India for Pakistan cricket’s sufferings. He agreed with the PCB chief Ramiz Raja’s admission that India controls the money and hence India can even topple PCB. Khan said that money is a big player now for everyone involved in cricket and money belongs to India so India is now controlling world cricket. On the recent cancellation of New Zealand and English cricket tours to Pakistan Imran Khan said that no one would dare to go against India’s dictate as India can produce a large sums of money.

Imran Khan did not give a proper answer on the sufferings of the Uyghur Muslim population of China’s Xinjiang province, he called it ‘a selective pronouncements’ and that is immoral. He praised the relationship between Pakistan and China and called it a ’70-year-old friendship that has stood the test of time.’

In a recent online address to the General Assembly of the UNSC Imran Khan made almost similar remarks and got criticized not only in the foreign media but also within Pakistan media as well. Now he has repeated his allegations that are mostly against India.



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