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Centre is ready to bring petrol-diesel prices under GST claims Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has claimed that the Centre government is ready to bring petrol and diesel under the GST regime, but the problem is from the other side. He also made an announcement about the completion of the Mumbai-Delhi Express Highway.

New Delhi

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday claimed that the Centre government is ready to bring the petrol and diesel prices under the regime of GST but some states are not agreeing with it. He said that his government has always agreed with the idea to have GST on fuel prices.

Nitin Gadkari was talking in a function organized by a private English news channel in New Delhi and claimed that his government made the proposal but, “some states are still resisting in the GST council.” He also said that Nirmala Sitaraman, the finance minister is still working on the proposal so that all the states can agree, and if that happens then his government will have no problem implementing GST on both petrol and diesel.

As per the minister by bringing the fuel and gas prices under GST will reduce the overall rates and at the same time the revenue will go up and thus the states will also get benefitted. Although Nitin Gadkari refrain from naming the states that are opposing bringing GST on fuel prices.

The Centre government reduced the excise duty on fuel a day before Diwali and Gadkari called it a positive initiative and hoped that all the states will also lower the local duties (VAT) soon on fuel prices.

Talking about progress in building highways in India, Nitin Gadkari is that India is constructing a record 38 KM of highways every day and his aim is to develop world-class infrastructure in India in the next two years.

Regarding the much-awaited completion of the Mumbai-New Delhi Express Way, the minister assured that the highway will be ready by December 2023, and along with that many other green expressways will also be developed and will be part of a bigger plan to connect Kashmir with Kanyakumari.

What do you think about Gadkari’s explanation about bringing the fuel prices under GST and about India’s current road infrastructure development? Kindly give your views in the comment section given below.



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