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Positive signs despite nominal rise in COVID-19 cases in Gujarat

Fresh cases of COVID-19 showed a small spike yesterday in Gujarat and especially in Ahmedabad, yet there has been good news for the residents of Gujarat according to civil hospital Ahmedabad. Read on…

Ahmedabad (North Gujarat)

Gujarat has registered 42 fresh COVID-19 cases yesterday, an increase of almost 22 in 24 hours. The new numbers are certainly worrisome for the citizens of Gujarat. The biggest city of the state Ahmedabad too increased its daily tally from 4 cases on Tuesday to 16 on Wednesday an increase in four-folds.

Whether this sudden increase for a day is the third wave or not, can be confirmed only by keeping an eye on the daily fresh cases tally, but the raise is certainly due to the Diwali holidays and the way people of Gujarat jammed various tourist places during that time. Very few people have been seen keeping social distancing or wearing masks during their outings and that might lead to a spike in fresh COVID-19 cases in Gujarat in the coming days.

But, still, there is some positive news coming from Gujarat itself where there are zero occupancies in Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad’s COVID Ward. As per reports in local media till Tuesday, the day of Kartak Sud Chhath (sixth day of Kartik month of Vikram Samvat) there were zero positive cases in the city of Ahmedabad. Last year on the same date the 1200 bed COVID hospital in the Civil Hospital campus was full, and this time around there was no COVID-19 patient admitted in the same ward.

Still, the doctors of the civil hospital Ahmedabad are saying that the next 10 to 15 days are extremely important and they are hoping that there will not be a major raise in the fresh COVID-19 cases in the city. Doctors are giving credit to public health workers for completing a successful vaccination campaign of anti-COVID vaccines in the city.

Doctors have also said that people have to restart their normal life no matter what the situation is in the coming days. As per doctors offline classes including primary schools, which are expected to commence from the 1st of December, should start and social distancing between the students in the class must be kept at any cost. Doctors have also advised the parents not to send their kids to school if they are feeling cough and cold.

The state government is also aware of a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases in the state and has ordered contact tracing and checking of travel history for those who have arrived in Gujarat from other states. Because of the large vaccination drive, it is expected that the third wave, if any, will not be as deadly as the second wave was and hospitalization will be less than what we witnessed between April and June this year.

Do let us know your views about the rise in COVID-19 cases in Gujarat and also your suggestions on how we can keep ourselves safe from getting infected with the novel coronavirus. Please give your views and suggestions in the comment section given below.



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