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Special Ops 1.5: Kay Kay Menon and Vinay Pathak Talk About Their Characters

After the success of the web series Special Ops, the producers and the OTT platform are ready with its prequel and the main leads Kay Kay Menon and Vinay Pathak are enthusiastically talking about their characters and their impact.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Just two years back web series Special Ops which was streamed on the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar became an instant hit because of its storytelling and stunning locations and thrills. The makers and the OTT platform have now created its prequel and it has been named Special Ops 1.5. This time the web series will tell us the story of Himmat Singh, the protagonist of the series, and his past.

In the first season of Special Ops, we learned how Himmat Singh and his team get into the roots of the attack on the Indian parliament after so many years and how they took the main culprit to justice. Now, in Special Ops 1.5 we will know what the Special Ops leader Himmat Singh is made of and how he became R&AW (Research & Analysis Wing) operator.

Two of the lead actors of the web series Special Ops 1.5 Vinay Pathak who plays Abbas and Kay Kay Menon who plays Himmat Singh have talked about their characters and the impact they had on their lives.

Photo Courtesy: Universal Communications

Vinay Pathak said that his character Abbas wasn’t the Abbas that we watched in the first season of Special Ops. He and the director Neeraj Pandey had big differences about how to portray the character on the screen. Vinay Pathak said that he liked the first draft written about Abbas but later he agreed with Neeraj Pandey’s version of Abbas.

Pathak has accepted that ultimately Abbas was written beautifully and he has emerged as very endearing for him and he keeps on fascinating him. Vinay Pathak adds that there is a profound back story to what Abbas reveals.

Photo Courtesy: Universal Communications

On the other hand, Kay Kay Menon who plays Himmat Singh says that as an actor and as a person he doesn’t compare himself to the roles he has done to date. So as a result it remains in the domain of desire and he desires to have all the characteristics of HImmat Singh. According to Kay Kay Menon that the best part of being an actor is that he can play different people without carrying the baggage of the person.

Special Ops 1.5 will also talk about the dark alleys of politics, honey-trapping, and the red-tapism culture of India.

The web series is directed by Neeraj Panday and Shivam Nair. Along with Kay Kay Menon and Vinay Pathak, we will be watching Aftab Shivdasani, Aadil Khan, Aishwarya Sushmita, Maria Ryboshapka, Gautami Kapoor, Parmeet Sethi, KP Mukherjee, and many more in action this season.

Special Ops 1.5 will be streamed on 12th November 2021, Wednesday.

Do let us know your reviews about Special Ops 1.5 in the comment section given below. Please also give your thoughts about the acting of Kay Kay Menon, Vinay Pathak, and others along with your reviews.




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