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No entry in various AMC services and establishments if you are not fully vaccinated

The slight increase in COVID-19 cases in Ahmedabad has made the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation take some strict actions towards those who have not taken both the doses of anti-corona vaccines.

Ahmedabad (North Gujarat)

For the last couple of days, there has been a slight increase observed in COVID-19 cases in the megacity of Ahmedabad. On 10th November the cases raised from 4 to 16 and on 11th November it saw a comparatively lower figure of 14. Not only that, but in the Isanpur area of the city, a residential building namely Dev Castel – 1 has been declared a micro-containment zone after 85 residents were found COVID positive.

This is the first micro-containment zone in the city after five months. Apart from this Jodhpur, Chandkheda, and Isanpur itself have registered 5 and 4 each new COVID positive cases respectively. This has made the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) active in curbing the further spread of the deadly virus.

The AMC has announced that those who are not fully vaccinated (not taken both the doses of anti-Corona vaccines) will not be allowed to take services of AMTS (Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Services) and BRTS. Such people will also be not allowed to enter the Kankaria Lake Front, the Sabarmati River Front, and AMC affiliated swimming pools, libraries, sports complexes, gymnasiums, all AMC offices, and civic centers spread across the city of Ahmedabad.

To get entry in the above-mentioned places people need to show the certificate of having taken both doses. It is learned that at least 9 lakh citizens of Ahmedabad have not taken the second dose of the anti-Corona vaccine. So the AMC is now trying its best to make people aware of the importance to become fully vaccinated. After a lull in the vaccination drive during the Diwali holidays, yesterday 12 thousand vaccinations were observed within the limits of Ahmedabad city.

In Gujarat itself, over 8% of people are yet to get their second dose of the vaccine. As per data collected from the government of Gujarat 32 lakh Gujaratis are not fully vaccinated to date. Both AMC and Gujarat government are now taking rapid steps to fast-track the vaccination and stop the increase of new COVID 19 cases.

AMC has also started testing domes at major entry points of the city like airport, railway station and ST bus stand as it wants to stop the spread of the virus carried by people coming from outside the city and this will also help to trace their contacts.

We know that till now the increase in the fresh COVID-19 cases in Ahmedabad and Gujarat is controllable and one need not to panic at this moment, but at eChhapu we request you to take all the safety measures like keeping social distancing always, wearing a mask at all the time and keep the sanitizer handy when you are outside your home to use it often.

Please give your feedback on the small rise of fresh COVID-19 cases in Ahmedabad and Gujarat in the comment section given below.



Contents written by eChhapu editor and his team


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