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Veteran actor Vikram Gokhle Supports Kangana Ranaut’s Stand

A few days back actor Kangana Ranaut, while participating in a TV talk show said that India got real freedom in 2014 and what we got in 1947 was a bheekh, and veteran actor Vikram Gokhle now has come in support of her stand.

Pune, Maharashtra

Actor Kangana Ranaut started a controversy by saying that India got real freedom in 2014 (after Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of India) and what we got in 1947 was a bheekh. This statement of her created enough discussions across social media and also in the mainstream media as well.

Now, veteran Marathi and Hindi cinema actor Vikram Gokhle has supported what Kangana has said a few days back. Gokhle said that it is obvious that India was not liberated in 1947 because many freedom fighters were hanged and the big-wigs of that time didn’t attempt to save them and instead they remained a mute spectator.

Vikram Gokhle was talking with the press at the sidelines of a program in Pune to felicitate him on his 75th birthday, where he said that he supports Kangana Ranaut on this matter. Gokhle also added that he is not a blind follower of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he doesn’t agree with many of the things Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Amit Shah says during various rallies. But, at the same time, he believes that both are working in the interest of the nation.

Vikram Gokhle also praised the way India answered Chinese incursion during the last few years and the way China had to backtrack their position due to steps taken by the Modi government and also because of the valor shown by our army jawans.

After Vikram Gokhle’s support to Kangana Ranaut the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Prithviraj Chavan taunted him to join BJP if he supports Kangana Ranaut. Although Gokhle had already clarified that these are his personal views and he is not at all wish to join any political party.

On the other hand, Sambhaji Brigade’s Santosh Shinde has claimed that he is going to file a case against Vikram Gokhle with the police under charges of sedition. It is also learned that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is also contemplating a similar action against Vikram Gokhle.



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