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Opinion Poll: Yogi Adityanath is All Set for Second Innings in UP as CM

The Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections are just months away, and the latest opinion poll conducted by an English News Channel suggests that BJP is going to have a cakewalk in these elections.

New Delhi

Uttar Pradesh, the most important state politically in India, is going for assembly polls in February-March 2022 along with Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur, and Goa assemblies. In an opinion poll conducted by an English news channel shows that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) need not even sweat about the elections in Uttar Pradesh, as it is supposed to have a cakewalk at the end of it.

As per the predictions in these opinion polls, BJP is set to get 239-245 seats in 403 seat house. Samajwadi Party (SP) will be a distant second with 119-125 seats, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) will get 28-32 seats, and Congress will be dumped again with just 5-8 seats.

If we look at the vote share predicted in this opinion poll, then as per the predictions BJP will have a 42.5% vote share against SP’s 30.8%, BSP’s12.8%, and Congress’ 9.1%. So in this important part of the UP Elections 2022 also, BJP is having a sizeable lead of around 12% over SP.

In the current UP assembly BJP and its allies are having 314 seats, SP, BSP, Congress, and other opposition party are having 81 seats in total. This means BJP and BSP are going to lose a significant number of seats in the upcoming assembly elections of UP. On the other hand, SP will gain more seats than its current tally.

But, BJP will still have a comfortable margin to come back into the government. In politics, even 24 hours are considered to be too long a period so these opinion polls can be termed as preliminary assumptions, and as UP slowly but surely grips into election fever the number of seat predictions will change accordingly.

As per this opinion poll, there is strong support in the public for Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and his government because of its no-nonsense approach towards law and order. The vote BJP is predicted to get may also have a fair share of good governance applied by Yogi Adityanath, especially during COVID-19 times when his government managed migrant workers coming back home from the different parts of the country with near perfection.

This opinion poll was conducted between 6th and 10th November with a sample size of 9000 respondents. As per the surveyors, the margin for error in these polls can be 3% plus or minus.

Give us your views in the comments section given below, about your predictions on the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022.



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