Schools in Gujarat will remain open, stresses Education Minister  


The state education minister Jitu Vaghani has categorically said that offline education in Gujarat will not be closing anytime sooner despite an increase in Corona cases in the state and fear of Omicron variant.

Gandhinagar, North Gujarat

There has been a significant rise in fresh cases related to Corona in the state since Diwali, yet from the 1st of this month, offline primary schooling was started. In the last 20 days, the fear of new variant Omicron has also increased in the state with a total number of Omicron-related cases reaching 11 yesterday.

There has been apprehension among the parents about sending their children to school due to this fresh development. For the last few days parents association has also demanded to close the offline education and has asked the state government to decide the responsibility if a student gets infected with the corona.

Yesterday, the education minister of Gujarat Jitubhai Vaghani has categorically said that no matter what the offline education in schools of Gujarat will continue and we all need to behave responsibly including schools and parents.

Vaghani added that we all need to fight corona with courage and we must take ample precautions so that our children remain uninfected from the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the education department of Gujarat has also issued a circular to all the schools in the state and has directed that the entire staff of the school must have taken two doses of the anti-corona vaccine.

The department has also given an instruction that if there are any symptoms found in a particular student the state health department and the DEO office must be contacted and informed.

The circular has also requested the parents not to send their child to the school if they find any corona-related symptoms, including minor cough and cold.

There have been cases of students and teachers getting infected with coronavirus in various cities of Gujarat and thus the offline studies have been postponed in these schools for at least 4 days.

After Diwali, there has been a steady increase in the fresh corona cases in Gujarat with average of 30 to 50 fresh cases are registered. On the positive side, the death toll in the state remains very low.

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