Adani Comeback trends on Twitter as company’s stocks soar after Supreme Court committee’s clean chit last week

But, social media which is a mirror of society is already trending Adani Comeback because the shares are just soaring and probably hitting the upper circuit in the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Adani Enterprises
Gautam Adani of Adani Enterprises (Photo Courtesy: Business Today)

Adani Enterprises stocks are back in green and not only that they are soaring like anything. This has been seen as Adani Group’s grand comeback to the Indian stock market. Not so long ago USA based firm Hindenburg Research made plenty of allegations about Adani Enterprises in one of its ‘research documents’. Adani Enterprise shares plunged like anything and lost their value.

Not only that but the group chairman Gautam Adani also fell from the top 10 of the World’s richest businessmen list to the bottom. All these things created havoc in the Indian stock market and during those days and investors lost their valuable money. But somewhere the investors had full faith in Gautam Adani and just last week Supreme Court-appointed panel found no wrongdoings in Adani’s handling of stocks in the Indian stock market.

After such a positive report it was obvious that this week will see a big rise in Adani Enterprise stocks and it started to happen yesterday. Even today Adani stocks across the table are rising. When the Hindenburg Report was published many media houses and those who know stock market science were having doubts about the report itself. They were saying that this report was fabricated just to malign Adani’s image and thus to malign India’s image the world over.

Plus a few pundits were of the opinion that Hindenburg itself is a master of short-selling and by publishing a negative report on Adani it helped itself by doing short-selling in mass in the Indian stock market. Well, all these are just speculations or things that are not easy to understand by people in general. But, social media which is a mirror of society is already trending Adani Comeback because the shares are just soaring and probably hitting the upper circuit in the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Let’s see some of the informative and funny Tweets that are trending with the hashtag #AdaniComeback on Twitter.

Chand has tweeted a meme from the famous Sony Entertainment series CID and its character Daya to show the disappointment of short sellers right now who were happy when Adani shares were plunging and were hitting the new bottom every day.

Kappu is also showing the same sentiments as above but with a political twist. He is signaling at Rahul Gandhi who was in an ultra-attacking mode when Adani share prices were falling sharply.

Shweta R is all praised Adani Enterprise and Gautam Adani for the way they have made a comeback. Shweta has also attached a picture of the current price of Adani Enterprises’ stock price.

Abhimanyu has shared a meme featuring the popular Hollywood movie ‘The Lion King’ and saying that the faith in Adani Group has been restored.

Dr. Mukul Agarwal has shared a clip from the super hit movie KGF and has created a situation where all the parties involved like Adani, Hindenburg, SEBI, and Supreme Court as its characters. Really, it is an interesting video with a tinge of humor.

Upendra Pathak is also praising Adani Comeback with a kind of Bollywood movie dialogue

Anurag is saying that this comeback by Adani after the Supreme Court panel’s clean chit will not only boost the confidence of the investors but also will help tremendously the Indian economy.

So, these were the reactions from Twitter on Adani Enterprise making a comeback in the stock market after Hindenburg’s efforts to malign its image fell flat. What is your opinion regarding this entire saga? You can give your views in the comment section given right at the end of this page.



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