RCB fans on Twitter pleading Ravindra Jadeja to ‘Come to RCB’ after yet another hugely disappointing IPL season

There seems to be one more reason behind RCB fans seems to be hopeful that Jaddu will somehow get convinced that he will jump from CSK to RCB.

Come to RCB
RCB fans want Ravindra Jadeja in their team

The IPL has already seen one playoff game for the 2023 season passing by. But the fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore are still in huge sadness it seems. We have noticed that in this season RCB relied heavily on KGF (Kohli, Glenn, and Faf), and its middle order couldn’t fire at all. So RCB fans feel that they need a solid all-rounder like Ravindra Jajdeja in the middle order to boost their chances next year and hence they are trending Come to RCB on Twitter at the time when this story is getting published.

But, there seems to be one more reason behind RCB fans seeming to be hopeful that Jaddu will somehow get convinced that he will jump from CSK to RCB. Actually just after CSK’s last game against KKR which they lost, in one viral video, CSK captain MS Dhoni and Jadeja looked to have an animated discussion while walking back to the dugout. Nobody knows what the point of the discussion was but it looked like both Dhoni and Jadeja are not on the same page.

After that Jadeja tweeted something cryptic like, “Karma will get back to you, sooner or later it surely will.” That tweet by Jadeja was then quoted by his wife Rivaba Jadeja and she added that “Follow your own path…” These two tweets furthered the speculation that something is not good between Dhoni and Jadeja and Jadeja tweeted that cryptic message to target Dhoni after they had that discussion about which we have given the details above.

So while RCB fans are trending Come to RCB just to want their middle order stronger next season, it is also seen by many that RCB fans believe that there is something not good between the CSK captain and Jadeja and hence Jadeja will be ready to join them after their plea on Twitter. But, at the same time after CSK’s win against Gujarat Titans in the first qualifier last night, both Dhoni and Jadeja looked very happy and cheerful and were talking to each other with huge smiles.

There was another incident and this time Ravindra Jadeja again tweeted and the target was CSK fans. He tweeted his picture getting the UpStocks Most Valuable Asset of the Match award and took a dig at those CSK fans that used to cheer his wicket as they wanted to see Dhoni batting. Can that be the reason for Jadeja’s mind change?

Right now we don’t want to conclude anything here but we just want to share those tweets that RCB fans are trending by telling Ravindra Jadeja that he should Come to RCB.

Sergio who seems to be a CSK fan has tweeted a picture of Faf Du Plessis and is signalling that Jadeja Faf too was CSKian who went to RCB prior to the 2022 season.

Lokesh Tiwari believes that even if Jadeja crosses over from CSK to RCB then he will become ineffective as he prospers only under MS Dhoni’s captaincy skills.

Abhishek Kumar has quoted the tweet of Jadeja to convey his message that he should Come to RCB soon.

Anusurya has tweeted a meme suggesting how the Chennai crowd had done injustice to Ravindra Jadeja throughout this season by praying for his wicket and found that as a possible reason for Jadeja to join RCB.

Abhi has tweeted a collection of some pics in which sane RCB fans and Glenn Maxwell have advised abusive RCB fans to behave properly and then added that RCB fans should get their own home in order and then they should request Jadeja to join their team.

A handle called Adrenalin must be having a good sense of humor. He has tweeted photos of Ravindra Jadeja and Virat Kohli in opposite jerseys and is suggesting that if Jadeja could join RCB then the franchise would win its first-ever IPL trophy similarly if Virat joins CSK then he will be able to win his first-ever IPL trophy as well.

Nikhil has forwarded some stunning facts regarding RCB management’s handling of superstars like Chris Gayle and Yuzvendra Chahal and asked why should Jadeja Come to RCB then.

Hope you liked this collection of tweets showing the emotions of the fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore and also some handles who are countering their invitation for Jadeja with some facts. Do drop in your comments below and let us know your views about this story.



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