Rahul Gandhi certifies Muslim League as secular in USA; Twitter erupts in anger

Rahul Gandhi, the ex Congress President and Ex Lok Sabha MP is visiting USA and here in a program he has certified Muslim League as secular. This statement of his has angered Twitter in a big way.

Rahul Gandhi on Muslim League in USA
Rahul Gandhi replies question on Muslim League (Photo Courtesy: Twitter Screen grab)

Indian National Congress’s leader and ex-Member of Parliament, Wayanad Rahul Gandhi, is currently visiting the USA. Over here, he has been doing some programs in which there are discussions about India and Indian politics. A day before, Rahul Gandhi allegedly mocked Indian culture, like bowing down to something sacred in the Hindu religion. Today, the news suggested that Rahul Gandhi has certified Muslim League as secular in a program in the USA. Twitter has shown anger at Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Muslim League in the US.

The day before yesterday, Rahul Gandhi was addressing a program in San Francisco and just a few hours back, he was addressing journalists at the National Press Club in Washington. In one of the questions asked by a journalist regarding his calling BJP communal but his party, the Congress, is in alliance with the Muslim League in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi’s response was like the Muslim League in Kerala is an entirely secular party and there is nothing non-secular about it.

Later, the ex-Congress president and MP added, “I think the person who sent this question has not studied much about the Muslim League.” The Congress and the Muslim League have been part of the Kerala UDF alliance for the last decades.

After the video of Rahul Gandhi’s above statement went viral, the Twitteratis came heavily on him. The overall reaction by the Indian Twitter users regarding the statement by Rahul Gandhi on Muslim League is of anger and disappointment. Rahul Gandhi had already created controversy just a day before when he commented about Hindu rituals and other things. Now, he has saved Muslim League by calling it secular.

We have curated a few Twitter reactions here that show anger at what Rahul Gandhi says about the Muslim League.

Mihir Jha tweets his view by putting his tongue in the cheeks and saying that even Muhammad Ali Jinnah would have been surprised by Rahul Gandhi’s views on Muslim League.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju has slammed Rahul Gandhi for his recent comments and made him aware of which party was responsible for the Indian partition in 1947

Shashank Chakraborty believes that Rahul Gandhi has now made his most significant political mistake by calling Muslim League secular.

User Cogito is also making Rahul Gandhi remember what happened in Kerala in 1946 when Muslim League asked for the partition of India.

On the other hand, Seema Chaudhary sees danger in Rahul Gandhi’s recent statement regarding Muslim League.

Shashi Shekhar Singh has a different view on this issue; look at them.

User Troll Indian Politics has tried to show double standards of Rahul Gandhi when it comes to his views on the Muslim League and the BJP.

It has been observed that whenever Rahul Gandhi visits any foreign country, be it UK or US, he creates controversy regarding India by picturing it negatively.


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