Canadian wildfire: When it started? Where did it start? When will it end? – Here is all we know about it

The Canadian wildfire is not only creating health hazard for the eastern part of the Canada but also in the USA as well.

Canadian Wildfire
Toronto Skyline due to Canada Wildfire (Photo Courtesy: The Toronto Star)

The Canadian wildfire is spreading like anything. As per news reports, it has also started troubling the neighbouring country USA. The news suggests that New York is witnessing unprecedented levels of air pollution due to this wildfire. The level of air pollution in New York City is so high that it has put the Indian capital New Delhi behind.

There are specific questions regarding when this Canadian wildfire started and where it started. And what could be the reasons behind it? We have gathered some information regarding that and are trying to explain the entire scenario in short and easy language.

When did the Canadian wildfire start?

It is unclear as of now explain the exact timing of the Canadian wildfires, but the experts say that it might have sparked off during late April and then started to spread across the eastern part of Canada.

Which parts of Canada are facing wildfires?

It is said that wildfires are common in the western parts of Canada, but this year eastern Canada is witnessing wildfires. Parts of Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario are suffering from the wildfire, and it is learned that the blazes are out of control.

What could be the reason for the Canadian wildfires?

As CBC has quoted Premier Doug Ford, half of the forest fires in the Ontario region are caused by lightning strikes. He has also suggested that the other half of these fires are because of human activity, like improper extinguishing of campfires.

How long the smoke coming out of wildfires will last?

First of all, the wildfire should get under control and fully extinguished, and once that is done, it may take 48 hours for the smoke to clear completely. But for that to happen, the weather needs to be good; right now, the low-pressure system is moving out of the Canadian east coast, which will not help the fire get reduced or end entirely in the next few days.

The Canadian authorities have already alerted the citizens regarding the health hazards that may cause due to this wildfire. As per a report published in CBC, Environment Canada is saying there is a ridge over Ontario right now, which means that the winds will bring more poor air quality.

How to keep health safe during wildfires?

Old people, people with lung disease, asthma, heart disease, children, and pregnant women should avoid working or going outside their homes to prevent any unwanted health effects. The authorities have also suggested not lighting campfires as it will only help to increase the amount of smoke.

How is Social Media responding to Canadian wildfires?

Indian news media Hindustan Times has tweeted four pictures of the New York cities describing the town’s situation before and after the Canadian wildfires.

The American politician Lauren Witzke has a different take on how these wildfires have started. Do note that we are not confirming her views.

Robert W Malone, an author and speaker, is signalling that the mainstream media is just furthering the agenda regarding climate change by (as per him) spreading false information regarding the causes of these wildfires.

The reason can be anything, but most people living in eastern Canada and the USA face a huge health hazard. As we have informed above, there can’t be any exact timing one can decide on when this Canadian wildfire will end; hence the people of Canada will have to remain in confusion for a more extended period.

We pray that the current situation gets under control soon so Canadians living in the eastern part of the country can resume their normal life.



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