Narendra Modi's foreign visits
PM Narendra Modi with French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo Courtesy: The Economic Times)

Ever since becoming the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s foreign visits have been part of his global strategy. His primary intention is to make relations great with all the countries of the world, no matter whether that country is essential for the world or not, but it has utmost importance for India.

So from small countries like Nepal and Fiji to the biggest of the world like the USA and Russia, Prime Minister Modi has made sure that he visits them all and creates good relations with them.

France is one of the most critical parts of Narendra Modi’s foreign visits, and he has travelled to Paris five times since 2014, when he first became the Prime Minister of India. Here is the list of all visits by Narendra Modi to France worth looking at.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s All Visits to France

Narendra Modi’s Visit to France (9-12 April 2015)

This was Narendra Modi’s first visit to France. The then French President Francoise Hollande hosted him, and during this visit, PM Modi and his delegation discussed various subjects like defence, space, nuclear technology, and culture.

On November 30th and December 1st, PM Modi was again in France and, this time to participate in the COP21 conference.

Narendra Modi’s visit to France (2-3 June 2017)

This time PM Modi was hosted by Emmanuel Macron, the current French President. Both the leaders share a great bond, and this visit was supposed to be the biggest of them all. During this visit, the inaugural summit of the International Solar Alliance was held along with all the bilateral discussions; both the leaders also appraised the commitments made during the COP21 conference.

Narendra Modi’s visit to France (22-26 August 2019)

This official visit of PM Narendra Modi also included the 45th G7 summit. The bilateral talks between India and France happened on August 22nd and August 23rd at Chantilly and France, and the G7 summit was held on August 25th and August 26th at Biarritz.

Narendra Modi’s visit to France (May 4th, 2022)

During this one-day visit, PM Modi and President Macron discussed various issues like the Indo-Pacific region, the ongoing war in central Asia, Afghanistan, strategic partnership, climate, and cultural cooperation.

Narendra Modi’s visit to France (13-14 July 2023)

President Emmanuel Macron will again host Prime Minister Narendra Modi; this time, he will participate in Bastille Day Celebration on July 14th. In this parade, 269 jawans of the Indian Army’s Punjab regiment will participate. Narendra Modi will also take a guided tour of the famous Louvre Museum.

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