Video of Pakistani man begging in flight goes viral; Twitter erupts with funny reactions 

A video has gone viral on the internet where we can see that a Pakistani man is begging in the flight and that too thousands of feet above the land.

Pakistani man begging
Screenshot of Pakistani man begging in flight

We all know Pakistan is going through its worst economic condition. There is an impression that whenever a Pakistani, including its Prime Minister, visits somewhere, his main intention is to get money by begging. To prove this impression correct, a video is making rounds on social media where one can see a Pakistani man begging inside a flight.

The impression we mentioned shouldn’t surprise us, but seeing someone rise from his seat and beg his co-passengers is astonishing. Such a dare can be shown only by a Pakistani.

The man in the video looks over 50 years old and has a good body build-up. The language he is speaking is Punjabi, so we couldn’t get an idea of what his exact words are. Yet, we can understand that the person is moving in the middle of an aircraft walkway and begging for money.

He clarifies that he is not a bheekmanga’ (bagger in Punjabi) but is asking for money to raise funds for a certain madrasa. Then he continues for the next few seconds to convince his fellow passengers.

This video has been tweeted by the handle Megh Updates, and for obvious reasons, it has gone viral on Twitter and Twitter users are just going berserk over this video. Let us check some of the reactions to this video, and then we will conclude.

Kapil (@kapz30) has tweeted a meme of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, which says that all MC, BC, lives in his country only.

The Sarcastic Bharatiya (@RWSarcasm) has also tweeted a meme from the movie Golmaal Part 1 and is questioning the method of begging by this guy.

One more meme, and this time it is from Raj Singh (@Rajsingh534), which is self-explanatory; take a look at it and enjoy.

The other tweets are also quite funny; you can see them in the primary tweet of Megh Updates we have embedded above. The point here is that Pakistan is under such a massive crunch of finance that even its citizens are now not shying away from begging, and that, too, thousands of feet above their land.

Pakistani man begging in the flight suggests that now Pakistanis have no shame left to meet their financial needs. This video also indicates that Pakistanis may be begging in the name of charity, and once they get the money, their actual usage can be different.


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