Yogendra Yadav tries to twist facts about Swami Vivekanand gets corrected by netizens

Self proclaimed activist Yogendra Yadav tried to impose his thoughts on Swami Vivekanand by twisting facts, but netizens were equal to the task.

Yogendra Yadav
Yogendra Yadav (Photo Courtesy: Jagran)

Yogendra Yadav, the self-proclaimed master of Indian elections, champion protester and kicked-out AAP leader, is in the news again. On the 15th of July, he tweeted a link of his article published in the print and gave a gist of it in the description.

In the description, Yogendra Yadav tried to twist the fact regarding Swami Vivekanand by saying he was a smoker and a non-vegetarian. Before that, Yadav didn’t forget to bring the RSS into this issue. As a left-liberal, it is evident that he should take care of everything that tarnishes the image of RSS and Sanatan Hindu Dharma when he is writing about a Hindu icon.

We all know what Swami Vivekanand was and what image he has in the hearts of billions of Indians as a genuine leftist Yadav didn’t want to lose this opportunity to angry Sanatanis. But as it always happens, he got befitted replies from Sanatanis and also got corrected for his twisted facts.

We have curated some Tweets showing Yogendra Yadav the accurate picture of Swami Vivekanand. Let us have a look at all of them.

Jagdish Rajpurohit (@jazzrajpurohit) has exposed Yadav through his tweet and said that what he has mentioned is nothing new and he (Yadav) is just playing politics out of nothing.

Rakesh Pandey (@RakeshBcpgwl) is telling Yadav better late than never. Just take a look at his tongue-in-the-cheek tweet.

Prof Bholanath Dutta (@BHOLANATHDUTTA) is signalling the irrelevance of Yadav in Indian mainstream media and politics, and he is suggesting that Yadav is doing this to remain relevant.

After the professor, an advocate (@ADVSHRUTIDESAI) shows the place to Yadav and says that reading Swami Vivekanand and following his teachings are different.

While looking at what Yogendra Yadav has tweeted and the reactions to that, one can easily understand the good old agenda of the left-liberals in India to divert attention to the things that are not that important. At the same time, they will not leave a chance to belittle Sanatan Dharma, the RSS, the BJP, and Narendra Modi.



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