An investor complains about expensive Maggi at the airport gets schooled by Twitter users

An investor who was travelling from an airport somewhere in India, complained about inflated price of Maggi and then she got schooled by Twitter users.

Maggi bill of airport trends on Twitter
An investor complain about high price of Maggi at airport.

We all know that foodstuffs are sold in Indian airports at inflated rates. If an ordinary person who travels occasionally complains about specific food items sold at higher prices can be understandable. But when an investor complains about expensive Maggi at an airport, that person must be schooled by social media users.

A similar thing happened with one Sejal Sud on 16th July 2023 when she tweeted a bill of Maggi she consumed. She tweeted a photo of the nose, mentioned that she bought Maggi at an airport for Rs. 193, and added that she couldn’t believe this food item could be sold at a higher price.

We just went through Sejal Sud’s Twitter profile after getting this tweet. We have found that Sejal is an entrepreneur, public speaker, YouTuber, and investor. Now this is an impressive biodata, and whatever she does as per her professional, she must earn quite a handsome amount. So, the question comes to mind: when she looks to be financially well off and travelling through airlines most of the time, what is there for her to complain about something priced at Rs. 193 (including GST)?

Even if we mind our own business and don’t question her income, common sense also suggests that when buying something at the airport and even from the roadside food stall, isn’t it your duty to ask the price first and then decide? We are sure that Sejal Sud must have asked for the cost of that bowl of Maggi she ordered; if she has not, it is her fault, and there is no reason for her to complain.

Ok, let’s assume that she was hungry at that time and had to order something to eat, and she ordered Maggi, but then the rule is that if you are hungry and you are buying something to fulfil your hunger, then you should not look at the price because the priority is hunger and not the price. If this was the case with Ms Sejal Sud, she should not complain about the price.

When certain events happen, Twitterattis never stop giving their few cents, and Sejal Sud was also not left alone. Let us check some tweets giving ‘gyan’ to Sejal regarding her complaint without substance.

In her quoted tweet Pragya (@pragya_barthwal) has exposed the lifestyle of Sejal Sud; check her tweet below.


Parin (@ParinSays) explains the necessity of having foodstuff in his tweet.

Known Twitter handle Nobert Elekes clears the air on who can afford such expensive Maggi at the airport and who can’t.

Mayur Sejpal (@mayursejpal) has the best advice for Sejal; check that out.


Swathi Bellam (@BellamSwathi) explains the economics of why Maggi gets sold at such a high price at the airports; read that out.


Day in and day out, you will find many gems on social media who think they are more intelligent than the rest of the world, but actually, they are not. This is one of those examples. I hope you liked our curation on Maggi bill. Keep visiting the site for more such articles.



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