Pankaj Tripathi finally breaks the silence on OMG 2 controversy asks fans to…

One of the lead actors of the movie Pankaj Tripathi has broke his silence on OMG controversy in an interview.

OMG 2 controversy
Pankaj Tripathi in OMG 2 (Photo courtesy: India Forums)

Ace actor Pankaj Tripathi who is part of the movie Oh My God 2 or, in simpler words, OMG 2, has finally broken his silence. Ever since the movie’s teaser has been out, there has been some news regarding the movie’s storyline. The matter made rounds in the mainstream media after the censor board sent the movie to a review committee, and OMG 2 controversy then erupted and spread like wildfire.

There were some claims made on various social media networks, and the story of OMG 2 revolves around homosexuality; However, we at eChhapu do not confirm this; there have been some talks on the internet. If this wasn’t enough, the censor board sent the movie to a review committee after getting rapped on the knuckles by the courts regarding its conduct in censoring the Adipurush movie.

Now one of the leading actors in the movie, Pankaj Tripathi, has come out in the open. In an interview given by him, he has broken his silence on OMG 2 controversy. Pankaj Tripathi has said,

I will say only this, do not believe in whatever has been said about the movie. On 11th August, when the movie will be released, all such rumours will end. People are talking a lot about it, but the truth will prevail once the movie is released.

OMG 2 is a sequel to the 2012 movie OMG in which Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, and Mithun Chakraborty played lead roles. The movie showed the courtroom drama between believers and non-believers, and in the end, the non-believer Kanji Mehta agreed with Bhagwan’s existence.

In this movie, Akshay Kumar (as per the teaser) acts as Bhagwan Shiv, and Pankaj Tripathi believes in Bhagwan, the total opposite storyline of its prequel. Although OMG didn’t court any controversy years after its release later, the mindset of Hindus changed towards Bollywood movies. Along with some agenda-driven self-proclaimed Viraat Hindus, the movie got bashed on various social media platforms.

Because of that, from the very beginning, people started to doubt the sequel, and thus for no reason, OMG 2 controversy erupted a few days back.

If cleared by the censor board’s review committee, OMG 2 will be released on 11th August 2023 and clash with Sunny Deol’s ‘Gadar-2, ‘ another sequel to a Bollywood hit.




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