Is Opposition Parties’ INDIA real India? – Twitteratis explain and expose 

Opposition Alliance met in Bengaluru on 17th and 18th July 2023 and named their bunch I-N-D-I-A, but do their political past really represent true India and the feeling of being Indian? Social media reacts.

Opposition Alliance
United We Stand or Do They? (Photo Courtesy - The Hindu)

A large bunch of political parties who are right now sitting in the opposition had a two-day meeting in Bengaluru and decided their alliance’s name, INDIA or I-N-D-I-A. The opposition alliance, INDIA, stands for ‘Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance’.

Soon after this alliance’s new name was declared, various spokespersons of these parties started to call it INDIA vs NDA (the current ruling coalition). So, from their part, the narrative has been set, and that is to tell the voters that if they want to vote for India, then we are the ones and not the Narendra Modi lead alliance. This is hogwash, and anyone with the slightest knowledge of Indian politics will agree with this word that means nonsense.

Many leaders from the opposition alliance also made a tongue-in-cheek comment that we won’t say, ‘Go to Pakistan if you don’t vote for us.’ All in all, the call for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is already been announced.

What can be the implications of this new alliance, and whether it will work or not? Our editor Siddharth Chhaya has given his views on his blog site. He has also done an interesting analysis of how this new terminology will backfire.

But when something big on the political front of India happens, social media always echoes the emotions of our nation, especially on Twitter. After the announcement of I-N-D-I-A, Twitter started to buzz and give reactions; as usual, some were funny, and some were serious.

Let us look at some of the most critical reactions from Twitteratis on establishing the new opposition alliance.

Mr Sinha (@MrSinha_), a very popular Twitter handle, has given a new name to this new alliance. He has given this name considering the record of all these political parties. Let us have a look at his tweet.

Another famous Twitter Handle, Samir (@BesuraTaansane), has thrown light on the hurry of taking credit between the opposition parties on who gave this name I-N-D-I-A to the newly formed opposition alliance.

Ankur Singh (@iAnkursingh) has tweeted a visual in which one can see that the tagline of the opposition party ‘United We Stand’ fell just after the announcement. Take a look.

Well-known political thinker and analyst Suhel Seth has summarised the difference between INDIA and I-N-D-I-A. Here is his tweet.

If anyone still has any doubt regarding the longevity of the newly formed opposition alliance, he should check this tweet by well-known psephologist Yashwant Deshmukh.

The tweets we have embedded in this article are just a gist. If you want a more extensive look, click here or search for I-N-D-I-A on Twitter.


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