Gadar 2 Review: Stop It! Get Some Help Please!

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Sometimes, it’s just better to keep some films to their 1st part as what if the second part can ruin the feel of 1st part or the feelings and emotions of 1st part? Gadar 2 does the same. See, I accept the fact that it collected 40 Crores on its first day, but the problem is that, to be honest, when I saw the trailer, I was disappointed as it felt more like a Bhojpuri movie with no logic and randomly things happening in the movie and I had no expectations left.

Cast- Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Manish Wadhwa, Simrat Kaur, Rakesh Bedi, Madhumalti Kapoor and Mushtaq Khan

Produced By- Anil Sharma

Directed By- Anil Sharma

Runtime- 2 Hours 50 Minutes

Having 0 expectations for the movie, I went to the theatre, and I started feeling bored and feeling bad for the 1st part as the legacy of the movie Gadar and the fan following of the movie was something else, and it’s still everybody’s favourite being released in theatres again 2 months ago. The movie is 2 Hours and 50 Minutes long so you would feel that they wasted a golden opportunity of making Gadar to a franchise level. The film has no logic so don’t judge any scene on the basis of logic.

See, if you are a staunch Gadar/Sunny Deol fan, then you will like the movie. But, that’s not the case here as the director seems to be re-launch his son through this movie, and it indeed felt sad as they made Sunny Deol more feel like a supporting actor in the movie and Ameesha Patel’s character was feeling like it was a cameo which had no clue what to do in the movie and just crying throughout. I won’t spoil it, but if you are going to watch the movie, then I thought were shocked, but you too will be shocked knowing how they finish/kill Ashraf Ali’s (Amrish Puri) character. That was something that was hard to digest because Ashraf Ali was a character who was not limelight but another Strong Point of the 1st part. I was highly disappointed throughout the movie, but only three things that were good were Tara Singh roasting Pakistan, the Action scenes of Sunny Deol, and the 3rd thing which I appreciate is that after Pathaan, which is seven months, it felt good to see the theatre was Housefull.

If I had to say more things about Gadar 2, it’s a Cult movie’s sequel that has no good points to talk about. Why would you make a sequel just to relaunch your son? Having limited screen time in the 1st half Sunny Paaji didn’t have much role was weird. The fact is that everything was ruining the nostalgia of the first part. I won’t spoil it, but they announced/gave a hint when the movie ended, “To be continued”. Why would you make Gadar 3 when you already have destroyed it in the 2nd part already?  And it was so cringy and funny when Utkarsh Sharma said, “Hindustan Zindabad Tha…” because I was personally expecting it to be said by Sunny Deol. One last point and we’ll talk about the performances. See, the thing is if the first one is already a cult, it’s not necessary that the other one would be that great or better than the 1st part. Gadar 2 is simply a waste sequel that can be only liked by Staunch fans or the 90s kids. The movie has some illogical action scenes, cringy dialogues and, from my point of view, only 2 good seeti maar and clap-worthy scenes. Let’s talk about the performances:

  • See Sunny Deol as Tara Singh is an emotion. When he yells and does action, we get goosebumps and some great entertainment, as he has given us many great dialogues. Here, having more roles in the 2nd half, He is the only excellent/positive factor who excels throughout the movie through his expressions, dialogues and his great action. Also, the handpump scene and other scenes, including the Pakistan roast scene is something which was good. The sad thing was he was more of a supporting actor making Utkarsh the lead, it was something that was weird and shocking.
  • Another Surprising thing is Ameesha Patel. Ameesha Patel had no work in the movie. You would more feel like she had a cameo which was forced as she only had to cry or laugh as she had no dialogue after the first 30 minutes of the movie. They somewhere have wasted the Tara-Sakeena relationship in this movie.
  • Utkarsh Sharma had a terrible performance. Having this much screen time and still doing this badly throughout the movie is the reason which has made me feel sad for Sunny Deol. Wherever he had some serious dialogues, whenever he said, you would laugh at him as he had no expressions on his face.
  • Manish Wadhwa, as the negative character, was someone who was forcing himself to do a negative shade. Still, in some scenes, he was overreacting; being a cringe army man and being a cringe villain throughout the movie will surely remind of Amrish Puri as you will surely miss him in this movie as the villain compared to Manish Wadhwa.
  • Simrat Kaur playing the love interest of Utkarsh Sharma, surprisingly had more an extended role than Ameesha Patel in the movie as she mostly had more work in 1st half and decreased role in 2nd
  • If we talk about the supporting cast, which had Rakesh Bedi, Madhumalti Kapoor and Mushtaq Khan, Rakesh Bedi’s role is completely changed compared to 1st part where we saw him as Doctor. Here, he is just a theatre artist. Madhumalti Kapoor and Mushtaq Khan had the same role as the 1st part, which was good but not great.

Also, somewhere there were dialogues that were not low in sound compared to other dialogues. So in conclusion, I would only say that Gadar 2 is only made to get people that 1st movie’s nostalgia and a waste sequel which includes overacting of Utkarsh Sharma, Same story but with illogical twists and some logicless action scenes throughout as the only good thing is Sunny Deol as if you’re a Staunch Sunny/Gadar fan, you will like the movie as it’s already successful in public. So it’s up to you to whether to watch it to waste your time or to wait for OTT release.


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