Guns & Gulaabs Review: Sometimes Stretchy but after all, It is Raj & DK!


The Family Man made Raj & DK so famous that people always eagerly wait for their next series to come as that series did set a benchmark in all of our hearts. After that, came Farzi which was too hyped and loved by the audience and already waiting for season 2. And they have returned to a different OTT platform with Guns and Gulaabs.

Cast-Rajkummar Rao, Dulquer Salmaan, Gulshan Devaiah, Adarsh Gourav, Satish Kaushik, TJ Bhanu, Pooja Gor, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Vipin Sharma and Varun Badola.

Produced By- Raj & DK

Directed By- Raj & DK

Total Episodes- 8

Streaming On- Netflix

If we talk about Guns & Gulaabs then I honestly would say that the first 2 episodes which I felt were stretchy and boring in a few scenes but then from the 3rd episode I became hooked to the series and it was a whole madness till the last episode giving us a hint of the second season. The only negative point of the series is that sometimes it’s stretchy and slow. Still, overall the mixture of 90s nostalgia, comic timing of the cast, action scenes nostalgic songs and the things that used to be used in the 90s and still being used, all these things are those which will make you feel entertained. This will be a short review as this will be a no-spoiler review as too many spoilers from the series can ruin the excitement of the watchers who still didn’t have seen the series.

The best thing about Raj & DK is that they know how to present their cast, the story and the flow of the characters. Here, I liked the characters’ names like Paana Tipu, Chota Gaanchi, 4 Cut Aatmaram etc These names are like funny but dangerous when you meet them in the series. The humour that is shown in the series is my favourite especially when Rajkummar Rao Gulshan Devaiah and Satish Kaushik are included in it. The side story of the 3 boys which is shown in the series was good I personally enjoyed how those three characters were shown in detail. Let’s talk about the performances:

  • Rajkummar Rao as Paana Tipu, also the lead in the series, has again performed well and the thing which I realized was the innocence that I saw and the character he plays, leaving the violent one aside felt like the same character he played in Ludo but with a different style. The best thing about Rajkummar Rao is whenever he plays a dark and shady character, his humour always comes on top, and his expressions automatically change what I like here about him is his dialogue and how he becomes honest and innocent when he comes against his love interest and how suddenly it changes when someone whom he hates. Rajkummar Rao, a big plus point.
  • I saw Dulquer Salmaan for 1st time in the movie Sita Ramam, and I instantly became his fan when I saw the trailer, I was excited that he would surely be a great addition and would turn out to have a good role which indeed happened. It was a Win-Win situation to see Rajkummar and Dulquer together as they didn’t have many scenes together, but indeed Dulquer did do an excellent job as a Cop.
  • Gulshan Devaiah, the dark horse of the series. When I saw this guy first time in Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota where he was too good playing a double role and still being underrated here, he outshined everyone throughout the last 3 episodes and has a Bone-Chilling character like 4 Cut Aatmaram which is dangerous but a funny dark shade villain and whenever he laughs and how he talks on the telephone is you should notice it. The Fearless Swag that he carries throughout the series and playing this dark character in which he has been a great performer is enjoyable—a Big Thumbs Up to Gulshan Devaiah for this character.
  • Adarsh Gourav as Chota Ganchi will surely surprise you as he was calm and violent throughout but dangerous and a big shocker indeed in the 8th Every time he will come on screen and surprise you with his performance and he as Satish Kaushik’s son was so perfect casting and if season 2 is happening then I’m indeed excited for his character that how he will turn up things.
  • After seeing Satish Kaushik in the series, it felt like he has not gone anywhere and he is still here with all of us. He performs every character so well that the best thing about him is that he lives that character and being in the zone of that character, he always performs great, just like here in Guns & Gulaabs.
  • If we talk about the supporting cast, TJ Bhanu, Pooja Gor, Shreya Dhanwanthry, Vipin Sharma and Varun Badola all have a good supporting cast, which did have an extra dose of entertainment. Also, the four kids which were having a mixed storyline also had a good performance. Personally, I feel that if season 2 is made, then I would love to see the progression of the characters of Shreya Dhanwanthry and Varun Badola, as I feel they surely have left something that can be completed in 2nd

A Special Mention

I felt this review should have an ending with the appreciation of these 2 fabulous people, The exceptional quality that Raj & DK always have a great speciality is they always think of a UNIQUE story, and the story has Unique Humor, Great Twists, and nail-biting Episodes ending and superb scenes which make you feel the adrenaline pumping all the time which makes you feel worth the wait for the next episode/season. Raj & DK currently are the best directors, which a Web Series needs from a director’s point of view.

Having Cuss words can affect you to watch it with family, but that, too, makes the adrenaline pump in every episode. So overall, Guns & Gulaabs is an entertaining series with the only negative point of the slow and stretchy factor, still having that great Raj & DK flavour in all episodes but madness in the last episode with stellar performances throughout the series, which you can watch on Netflix.



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