Dream Girl 2 Review: Sometimes What You Seek, You May Not Get But Still It Feels Okayish!

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Many Sequels came, and some of them had tasted success again. Dream Girl 2 was released today in theatres. As you all know, Dream Girl 2 is a sequel to Dream Girl, which came in 2019 going with no expectations I went to the theatre and here’s what I thought.

Cast- Ayushmann Khurrana, Ananya Panday, Paresh Rawal, Asrani, Annu Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav, Seema Pahwa, Manjot Singh and Abhishek Banerjee.

Produced By- Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor

Directed By- Raaj Shaandiyaa

Runtime- 2 Hours 13 Minutes

If we talk the story in short, Karam(Ayushmann), who is deeply in love with Pari(Ananya), has a problem as their father has kept a condition to marry her but has the advantage of fooling everyone with a girl’s voice, as Karam is an expert in fooling everyone through phone by talking as a girl, becomes a girl who creates chaos and errors in his life. What will he do? Will he get his love?

See, sadly I didn’t see the 1st part of Dream Girl in theatres but watched it online and I enjoyed it throughout I was hyped when they announced this movie’s 2nd part till the trailer was released. When I saw the trailer, I lost hope as I did laugh at some punches, but overall I didn’t like the trailer and lost hopes for the movie to turn out to be a good watch. Having no expectations, today I went to the theatre and found the movie Okayish and Average at the same time. I am not saying that the movie’s not good or not worth watching but I found it Okayish. The 3 good things about the movie are Ayushmann’s performance, the supporting cast which contains legends of comedy and the 3rd important thing which is that the movie will not bore you either in 1st half or in 2nd half. It flows throughout very well but with too much pace which is hard to digest.

Overall from my Point of View, the movie has weakened the legacy of the 1st part as the first movie was mad fun and proper comedy from start to end. Here, there are no boring scenes, but they have TRIED to make us laugh and somewhere, some scenes have made me laugh, and some dialogues have been too good too. I cannot say that this is a laughter riot, you will laugh out loud and maybe fall from your seats too, That can be said for 1st part, but here it feels like the TRY of making it a great sequel has become average. Another thing that I found weird is The Interval Block and The Climax. Generally, when Interval Block comes there’s a cliffhanger about what will happen or what to expect in 2nd half. But here, there’s no such thing and surprisingly the word ‘Interval’ appears and you are like, “HUH?” And if I had to say honestly, there is no climax in the movie it just, ENDS. These two things massively shocked and disappointed me. There were 2-3 twists in the movie which I liked which did continue the story further. Another thing, when the movie starts to grip, After 20 minutes the grip loosens and ends in a fuss, especially in the 2nd half which was sad. There’s another good thing which is we all see our old Comedy Legends in the movie together after a long time, and everyone has performed very well. Let’s talk about the performances:

  • Ayushmann, playing a man and a woman, has genuinely excelled again, and I like how he did change-ups from a man to a woman he did have some good comic timings in 1st half, which too did get weak in 2nd half, but he was in the same mood and he as a lead was a good plus point and had an excellent performance. Also, as Pooja, he was too cute where actually you would actually feel that there’s someone like Pooja and he was as good as Pooja and he did give justice to this character.
  • I think Ananya Panday had more of a cameo in the movie comparatively to the 1st part, where Nushratt had much more an equal role as a lead Here, Ananya only has a role 30% in the whole movie compared to Ayushmann, and she only came where she was needed including the songs and didn’t have much role.
  • If Paresh Rawal is included in a comedy movie, then he will give more than 100%, and he will entertain you throughout, and he does the same here but in a unique way. I think he will be in a beast form when we see him as Baburao, but here, he has done an excellent job, and he’s another plus point of the film.
  • Not having much role and dialogue, Asrani still brings a smile to our faces when I see him on the big screens again, as his role is only there in the 1st
  • Annu Kapoor and Vijay Raaz were also there in the first Dream Girl movie, and they both were outstanding in their places. I especially liked Vijay Raaz’s character and was hoping to see that role continue when they announced 2nd part of the movie, but sadly it didn’t happen. Sadly the high and equal roles Annu Kapoor and Vijay Raaz had in the 1st movie, their roles have changed, but their scenes have been reduced, which was surprising. Though Annu Kapoor kind of had much screen presence, if they also had reduced the role of Vijay Raaz, he would have indeed rocked like he did in the 1st Talking about their performances, they were good as well as unique.
  • The best thing about Manoj Joshi in this movie is whenever he walks and talks it will remind you of his famous character Kachra Seth as he didn’t do much work in the movie and had a limited screen presence.
  • Seema Pahwa and Rajpal Yadav had good screen timing and gave very good one-liners, and they both had a good role in the 2nd half, which was good to watch.
  • Abhishek Banerjee, too stays in the character and had much more work in the 2nd half, where he had a good twist in his character, which was funny to watch. Manjot Singh’s role had reduced, which made his presence in that film Not Important but Important kind of presence.

The problem with this sequel is that the humour, the drama, and the madness that we saw in the 1st part of the movie can be seen here in some scenes, which is rare for a comedy movie. No doubt Raaj Shaandilyaa is a good director, as well as a good dialogue writer but here, that old Raaj Shaandilyaa presence is missed in many scenes. So overall, Dream Girl 2, for me, is an Okayish and Average movie that won’t bore you and will you entertain in some scenes, including the Comedy Legends and Ayushmann Khurrana. So it’s up to you to watch it in theatres or to wait for the OTT release.



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