Jawan Review: This is Surely a Lifetime Experience which will be hard to forget!

Jawan Review

“I’m last of the stars”. This line from Shah Rukh Khan defines not only his stardom but also his fandom, his charisma too. Today, Jawan released, and we booked the tickets last Friday as we knew that seeing the Prevue, we knew that Advance Bookings would be smashed only when the tickets started and that only happened. So we reached there at 6:30 as the show was going to start at 7 AM. So when we reached there, there was a massive cut-out of the Jawan poster which you can see below and the show was Housefull! Let’s head to the review.

Cast- Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone(Special Appearance), Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Riddhi Dogra, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Girija Oak, Lehar Khan and Sunil Grover.

Produced By- Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma

Directed By- Atlee Kumar

Runtime- 2 Hours 50 Minutes

Before starting the review, I would like to tell you that this will be a NO SPOILER review. Today’s the day when every movie lover’s hype was completed when Jawan was released in the cinemas. I was excited too as I was curious to see what different Magic does SRK brings to the screen this time and after watching the movie, I can call this a lifetime experience. Jawan is a movie that can be called Mad Fun. Jawan can be called a Mega Blockbuster which has all the elements of a entertainer. Jawan is a proper Mass-Masala Entertainer throughout and it brings out the best out of Shah Rukh Khan. I have to say that this movie is a proper entertainer with mass action, a roller coaster ride of emotion with shocking twists and turns happening in the film. I was shocked to see this much crowd in the early morning at 7 AM, and people were celebrating after the film ended. Everyone was dancing and hooting, and it felt like a festival. That is why I wrote the caption that this movie is a lifetime experience.

I won’t share the story of the movie as it will be spoiled which can ruin your mood. Jawan is an engaging movie which can be called a Massy and Classy film which pumps your adrenaline hard throughout and the small comic punches in the movie significantly were funny. And the best thing for cinema lovers is a housefull theatre and the public whistling and hooting while watching the movie throughout. Jawan, Man there are many things that I want to tell, but due to spoilers, I am trying not to tell them. The best plus point of Jawan is It has no dull moment which is a great thing if a movie is 2 Hours and 50 Minutes long. Every character in this movie has done such fantastic work which justifies their roles. Indeed, SRK has chosen a film that will be remembered lifelong. The story is a one-line story; the dialogues are messy and full of swag. The direction is top-notch. As an SRK fan, I can say 2 things: Pathaan was just a trailer, and Jawan is the absolute destruction. And I can easily rate Jawan higher than Pathaan. This movie is only made for theatres I tell you don’t wait for the OTT release just go for it.

Everything was Perfect, including the story, screenplay, dialogues, music and songs. I would like to praise 2 people: VFX artists have done a great job as the VFX was very good. Another team is of makeup artists who did their job very well by designing all the looks of SRK. Their hard work is seen, and they, too, deserve appreciation. The 2 things that I liked about the movie is the Pre-Interval Block. That is when everyone went crazy, and everyone was clapping, hooting and whistling. That whole Pre-Interval sequence will shock you, and you will be surprised as you would just want to start the 2nd half as early as possible. Another great thing is the backstory of every girl and SRK. That sets the film to a perfect Mass Masala entertainer. If we talk about the songs then, Zinda Banda, Chaleya and Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya are good to listen to, and the best thing about Zinda Banda is everyone went crazy when Zinda Banda came, and some of them started dancing too. Also, there is another cameo in the film, which may or may not surprise you. Let’s talk about the performances then:

  • SRK has made a comeback as strong as whenever he comes on big screens, He will turn the theatres into stadiums indeed. Shah Rukh Khan has made his performance and this movie his best movie and his best performance of this decade. He is dashing, savage, and full of swag; his 4 looks are marvellous in the movie Also, when that twist comes, and that’s where everyone loses his mind. SRK’s entry sequence was Paisa Vasool. In every dialogue, every action scene he did the audience was whistling, hooting and enjoying. I would like to thank Atlee Kumar as he has presented SRK in this film as he looks classy. The Metro Hijack scene and his different looks are in the limelight of the film as if Jawan is SRK and SRK is Jawan. Every funny expression, every moment, he was calm and full of swag. We all know that 90% of us will go to watch Jawan because of SRK. A Massive plus point and an excellent hero SRK has delivered another destructive performance yet again. Vikram Rathod Rocks!!!
  • Nayanthara as SRK’s love interest and as a Cop, has delivered an excellent performance which was great to watch. She was looking beautiful and deadly as the cop as she did justice to her role, and she had a significant screen presence, which made it reasonable to watch. It did feel somewhere that she didn’t have much role but whatever screen presence she had, she did play her character well.
  • Vijay Sethupathi is the guy if you want to have a perfect villain against someone like SRK then it has to be Vijay Sethupathi. I have been a fan of Vijay Sethupathi since Farzi, and after that, I saw Vikram, and I realised that this actor can act in ranges, and whenever he speaks Hindi, he says it well and here he was outstanding in every frame as the villain. This is the quality I like about him he was funny and dangerous in every scene as he always plays his character so well that you would only think of him as the character and not as Sethupathi. Sethupathi as the villain a treat to watch.
  • Deepika Padukone has a special role, I won’t reveal much, but in the scenes she had with SRK and after there were some scenes in which she was there, she had an important role which will be known by you when you see the movie.
  • The five girls who were Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Riddhi Dogra, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Girija Oak, and Lehar Khan, who were SRK’s team members all five acted very well, and everyone had a good screen presence; liked the Metro Hijack scene where they all five were very good.
  • Sunil Grover, as Cop was somewhere, was giving vibes of Gabbar Is Back till Interval. But after Interval, he had a short role and a good performance

Two Special Mentions:

  • First of all, let’s come to Anirudh Ravichander. He is my current favourite Music Composer as we know how vibeful and massive his music compositions are! Best Example- Vaathi Coming and Why This Kolaveri Di? We still all vibe on that song. His music compositions are so good that you will feel connected to the film through his BGM, too and also with his songs where you can dance like crazy. Here Jawan’s Title Track and Zinda Banda 2 were the songs when they start, you know that Anirudh’s other banger song starts. Anirudh, thanks for making another Banger BGM which is too good to listen to.
  • Another significant mention that always comes last, whether it’s a movie or a review, is The Director i.e. Atlee Kumar. I have seen Atlee Kumar’s Bigil and Theri, from which I became his fan. His direction is always messy and entertaining. He made another Over The Top movie, which will become a sure-shot blockbuster. I am just imagining if Atlee becomes permanent in Bollywood Films, then it will be a treat to watch. I would like to thank Atlee again for presenting SRK in a never-before-seen avatar and making this a mass masala entertainer.

So overall, Jawan is a fast-paced mass masala entertainer, which is also a rollercoaster ride of emotions and some great twists. SRK’s best film and best performance of this decade. This is a lifetime experience as well as a festival for me. I guarantee you won’t miss this movie in theatres and be a part of this festival!




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