The Vaccine War Review: Above all the expectations!


When I saw the trailer of The Vaccine War first time, I thought the movie was a documentary on how India made the Vaccine for COVID-19 by facing problems throughout. But when I saw the film today, I was all wrong!

Cast- Nana Patekar, Pallavi Joshi, Raima Sen, Sapthami Gowda, Anupam Kher, Girija Oak, Nivedita Bhattacharya and Mohan Kapur.

Produced By- Pallavi Joshi

Directed By- Vivek Agnihotri

Runtime- 2 Hours 41 Minutes

The Vaccine War truly in all ways is a surprise package and indeed turns out to be a knowledgeable, exciting and inspiring one with outstanding performances from everyone. And it turned out to be a Docu-Drama(Documentary-Drama) genre movie that has no single dull moment. The best thing about the film is that it starts from the Month of January 2020 where first time Corona was founded and how the 1st COVID case came in India. And it is divided into chapters as every chapter has something new to learn every time!

It also teaches you the role of Social Media, News Media which can spread fake news and how it targets the government as well as the country and how they support foreign vaccines more than their own country. And everything about social media is seen very well not in deep but in every angle but it is explained very well! And kudos to Vivek Agnihotri for making another successful movie after The Tashkent Files and The Kashmir Files.

Also a great credit to the make-up artists of the movie as when the trailer was released, I couldn’t recognize Mohan Kapur as he is bald but here in the movie, his makeup is making him unrecognizable which is a plus point as when the end credits came they showed the real people whom the cast has played in the movie and everyone was looking 80% as same as the real ones. So, let’s talk about the performances then:

  • Nana Patekar has undoubtedly excelled again with his performance. And after so long, it felt great to see him back on the big screens and hope he continues to work. Here, he is the boss! The swag that he carries throughout the movie is unmatchable. He has carried the whole film on his shoulders with the supporting cast. His best 2 scenes were one where he is explaining the strategy of making the vaccine and the climax where he tackles the media people. These 2 scenes are the ones where Nana Patekar outshines everyone. Nana Patekar a massive thumbs-up for The Vaccine War.
  • Pallavi Joshi carries a frenemy relationship with Nana Patekar, which is fun to watch, and she did have a serious role which came out more in the 2nd half, and that did change some things around in the movie. Pallavi Joshi, too, has done a great job throughout the film.
  • Raima Sen is the one who stands out tall throughout the movie as she plays a negative role in the film, she equals everyone, and after a matter of time, you will start hating as she has the role of Journalist who has a problem with the country.
  • Anupam Kher indeed has done an excellent job acting-wise as the cabinet minister, but his role in the movie starts feeling like he is playing an extended cameo where he is only needed, which is a plus point, but I would’ve been happier if he had a good quantity role. Also, his scenes with Nana Patekar were great!
  • The last time we saw Sapthami Gowda in Kantara, she had given an excellent performance. Here too, she has done a good job as the employee as she didn’t have many scenes but a good performance.
  • Mohan Kapur, first of all, surprised me with his makeup and the hair as he was unrecognizable, but acting-wise, he and Nana Patekar together were a delight as they didn’t have much role together, but it was great to see Mohan Kapur.
  • Last but not least, talking about Girija Oak and Nivedita Bhattacharya, they have done well. Girija’s scene with Nana was very cool as they shared a fun and confusing bond as Boss and employee.

Kudos to Vivek Agnihotri as he has made a very good film and deserves all the great direction credits where he has excelled yet again So, in conclusion, The Vaccine War is an Inspiring movie that hooks you up from start to end with Amazing content and has no single dull moment throughout the film. So it’s up to you whether to watch the movie or to wait in theatres. Now let’s meet tomorrow with the review of Fukrey 3.



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